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Researchers craft laughter measurement system to gauge aH

Darren Murph

We're pretty certain this isn't the first time researchers have dove in and tried to accurately gauge laughter, but it just might be the most thorough. Gurus at Kansai University have reportedly crafted a machine that can "scientifically measure the quantity of a person's laughter, as well as distinguish between the real and the fake." Apparently, the idea here is to gather such information and use it to "conduct more detailed research into the physiological effects of laughter on the immune system," and it's collected by a series of electrode sensors that monitor "bioelectricity generated by certain muscles that flex when you chuckle." Best of all, they've actually created a unit of measure to quantify their findings (aH), which certainly removes any doubt that all of this is just some elaborate joke.

[Via PinkTentacle, image courtesy of TravellersPoint]

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