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Build your own energy-monitoring EnerJar

Nilay Patel

We're big fans of energy-monitoring gear -- when you've got this many gadgets lying around, every watt counts -- so these plans on how to roll your own EnerJar power meter definitely piqued our interest. You might remember that the EnerJar recently won first place in the Greener Gadgets competition, judged in part by some punk named Ryan Block -- and we're happy to report that building your own little piece of glory is pretty simple: all you need are a couple ICs, 12 resistors, an LED display, and an old cellphone charger. Oh, and a jar, we suppose -- but then again, nothing's stopping you from building an EnerCube*, now is there?

*Rejected ideas: EnerBox, EnerQuarium, EnerJug, EnerHD DVD player

[Via Inhabitat]

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