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Intel buys up Offset Software, Project Offset still 'going strong'

Jason Dobson

Sam McGrath, technical guru and one of three founders Offset Software, has announced that the company has been purchased by technology giant Intel. The notice came in the form a short post on the Project Offset website, with McGrath adding that the now mythical project is still "going strong" and that the team is "excited about things to come."

Honestly there are two ways to take this, either as PR rhetoric, or a sign that the tech demo that wowed us way back in 2005 could finally be getting its game legs. We'd like to believe the latter, but most of us here stopped believing in miracles a long time ago. But it begs the question as to what Intel has up its sleeves -- why would it pick up such a small developer if Offset Software's game engine technology didn't somehow fit into Intel's master plan? Whether it's interested in pushing Project Offset ahead or is just wanting to field the company's impressive middleware technology, it will be very interesting to see what comes out of this latest game industry acquisition in the months to come.

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