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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 shoots up MLG inspired map

Today Major League Gaming (MLG), the professional videogame league, announced that it would be collaborating with Ubisoft on the development of the upcoming Rainbow Six Vegas 2. R6V2, which marks the 10th Anniversary of the Rainbow Six franchise, features an "MLG Map" which depicts an MLG event at the Las Vegas Convention Center. MLG and Ubi Soft worked closely on the development of the map which was designed with competitive gaming in mind, wonder why that is.

With news of the new map comes word that MLG will include Rainbow Six Vegas 2 in its 2008 Pro Circuit, including a special release event for the game in April. The MLG Pro Circuit 2008 kicks off on April 11 and will be covered by Hopefully that means we'll be able to catch reruns of the event on ESPN 8: The Ocho.

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