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Samsung to go head to head with Nokia's Ovi?

Chris Ziegler

It still hasn't been conclusively proven that Ovi's going to fly with carriers -- well, maybe it has, since the Vodafone juggernaut has jumped in head first -- but either way, it's looking like Samsung wants a little piece of that action. It's unclear at this point just how far-reaching Samsung's initiative will be, but the company announced its intention at MWC to develop unified internet services for its handsets, which we figure is pretty much code for "we want to continue to make money from our devices after they're in customers' hands." As RCR points out, features like its blogging client and navigation are currently outsourced to ShoZu and Navigon, respectively, and moving forward, all that stuff will be rolled up and maintained in-house. Whether doing so is going risk stepping on carriers' revenue models the way Ovi has done, though, remains to be seen.

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