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Verizon to push FiOS TV in Massachusetts furniture store

Darren Murph

If you thought partnering up with the always vocal Michael Bay was an interesting move for Verizon, get a load of this. Apparently, the carrier has teamed up with Jordan's Furniture in order to setup FiOS TV demonstrations within a "lifestyle store" in the Reading, Massachusetts location, and in case that wasn't enough, it's already established kiosks at the Jordan's Furniture at Beantown in Reading and on Bourbon Street in Natick. Additionally, a kiosk will be headed to Jordan's Avon locale, and the company's two IMAX theaters (in Reading and Natick) will soon sport all sorts of Verizon paraphernalia thanks to the provider snapping up naming rights. C'mon Verizon, we appreciate all the hard work in New England, but seriously, there's a lot more country out there beyond the Northeast.

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