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AV International ADM9 speakers -- just add bits

Steven Kim

Physics being what they are, speaker enclosures can't shrink the same way the associated electronics can. However, it is possible to put more functionality inside the same sized speaker box. Take, for example, the Avihifi ADM9 speakers. In each studio monitor-sized cabinet is: a 250-Watt amplified 6-inch woofer; a 100-Watt amplified 1-inch tweeter; a single-input, remote control preamp; and a Burr-Brown DAC with a USB input. Power these puppies up and supply a digital signal to the USB port, and you've got yourself a sound system. So it's compact, streamlined and probably sounds great (active speakers can sound a lot bigger than similar passive ones, and at $2,499 per pair, these better) -- but we want more! How about giving us a few more digital inputs and support for surround-sound codecs, Avihifi?

[Via CyberTheater]

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