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But, there is one less thing... dealing with Front Row without a remote

Cory Bohon

The MacBook / MacBook Pro update wasn't "major" but it brought about some changes to the Apple line of notebooks. However, one feature that the new 'books are lacking is the inclusion of an Apple remote. The Apple remote is now a $19 accessory. Currently, the only computers that Apple is including the remote with (as standard) are the iMac and Mac mini.

You can still use Front Row (Apple's media management application) without a remote. To start Front Row, just press Command + esc on your keyboard. You can also launch Front Row by clicking it in your applications folder (if you are running Mac OS X Leopard). To navigate through the menus, just use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

What do you think about Apple not including the remote with their line of notebooks? Sound off in the comments!

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