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Defend your Castle coming to WiiWare


Now that we have a definite launch date for Nintendo's WiiWare service, we can expect the software announcements to start rolling in. Up to bat today is a WiiWare version of the flash game Defend your Castle, a little literally-titled affair where players must... defend their castles.

Defending one's castle can be as easy as picking up and throwing oncoming enemy stick-figures with the cursor, but later levels unlock more devious means of dispatching would-be castle crashers. The WiiWare version will feature updated graphics, and will be available in "early 2008" for 500 Wii Points.

That said, check out XGen Studios' original flash game, and let us know if you think a WiiWare version will be worth the admittedly-modest price of admission.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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