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How many 70s does Eyonix have?

Eliah Hecht

Surprisingly, US CM Eyonix has dropped in on a thread titled "How many 70s do you have?" I'm surprised because I wouldn't think it would necessarily be in a CM's best interest for people to know what classes they play, as a common perception in the community is that if you don't have a level 70 <insert class here> you obviously know nothing about the class and should stop talking. Anyway, here's the four classes that the whelpling has gotten to the level cap (in the order he put them in):

  • Shaman
  • Priest
  • Druid
  • Paladin

Notice anything in common? Yes, that's all the healing classes. Of course, each of those classes has roles besides healing, so it's possible that he doesn't actually enjoy bumping the green bars back up, but I doubt it (though his Pally is apparently Prot). You heard it hear first: Eyonix likes to heal and probably reads our Raid Rx column. Or if not, he should. Bornakk, by the way, has three 70s of unknown class.

Later, on more or less a dare from the forum denizens, Eyonix said that he's brought his prot Pally up to Vashj and Kael'Thas, that he's using the Continuum Blade, and that these are his stats (unbuffed):

  • Defense: 501
  • Dodge: 17.96
  • Parry: 16
  • Block: 27.41
  • HP: "14,500 and some change"
  • Spell damage: 390
How do you measure up?

Edit: It is important to note that, as insomnifox puts it below, "He's a CM not a Developer." CMs just facilitate communication; they don't actually make changes to the game. That's the developers' job.

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