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IBM's z10 mainframe to take on the upstart PC

Nilay Patel

Shocking as it may seem, mainframe computing has never really gone away -- even in this age of modular PS3-based supercomputers, financial institutions, retailers, and other large corporations still buy the big iron, which means IBM still makes it. The company's latest, the fridge-sized System z10, follows up on the million-dollar System z9 released three years ago with faster, cooler processors, more energy efficient designs, 70 percent more computing capacity -- and a smaller price tag, starting at just south of a million dollars this time. Hilariously, the z10 caused a bit of a mainframe Osbourne effect: eager customers holding off on z9 purchases in anticipation of the z10 caused a 15 percent drop in IBM's mainframe revenue last quarter. Mainframe fanboys? Nothing surprises us anymore.

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