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Lego MMO to feature real-world integration, legos


Wired's Earnest Cavalli had a chance to talk shop with LEGO Universe developer NetDevil at GDC, and came away with a few sparse but interesting details about the game, as well as some totally hardcore pieces of concept art.

While the game isn't expected out until 2009, NetDevil discussed what they hope to be the core features of the game, like having players living amongst LEGO's impressive backlog of building sets, able to construct vehicles, buildings, and more for their avatars. The game will also feature the standard MMO quests, based on LEGO sets like Knights vs. Dragons, and Sailors vs. Pirates.

Perhaps most interesting is LEGO Universe's proposed integration with real-world LEGOs, with players able to create anything they wish in-game, and being given the option to order the exact pieces required to assemble their creations themselves. With a concept like this, the game could not only become a fairly successful MMO, but also help to revitalize the LEGO empire (we're already tempted to dig through our old bins). Check out Wired's piece for more concept art and details.

[Via Penny Arcade]

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