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Pachter: EA will acquire Take-Two


Wedbush Morgan Securities' right-more-often-than-not analyst Michael Pachter believes that in the end EA will acquire Take-Two. Pachter prognosticates that EA will continue working angles for a takeover and is doing so to stop Take-Two's sports franchises, which he estimates will cost EA $150 million in operating profit this year. On Sunday it became public that EA was looking to gobble up Take-Two for $2 billion dollars, Take-Two quickly responded saying it wasn't interested. If EA does not acquire Take-Two then Pachter believes EA will attempt to purchase hire key personnel on teams like Rockstar and make its own version of Grand Theft Auto.

Even if EA were to gain the rights to the GTA franchise and key people like the Housers were to quit, Pachter imagines the GTA series would still make around $150 million every year even without Rockstar North as developer; although he admits if Rockstar North were still in charge of the franchise it would make about $600 million every other year. There's still much more info to pop out of this rabbit hole of acquisition soon -- time to work on our Ferengi post images.

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