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Real or not, CVG has more Goldeneye XBLA pics


We're on the fence as to whether or not the upcoming issue of Xbox World 360 Magazine does indeed have legitimate details about the supposedly-canceled Goldeneye 007 remake for Xbox Live Arcade. On the one hand, CVG claims the issue features four pages of details about the unfinished project, with numerous screenshots and comments from Microsoft.

On the other hand, Eurogamer reportedly spoke with Microsoft Game Studios, who claim that Xbox World 360's look at the Goldeneye game is based entirely on rumors and speculation, with no participation from Microsoft in the story.

Both these sources seem entirely at odds with each other, and only seem to agree upon the fact that this game definitely isn't coming out. Our shiny optimistic side wants us to believe in the (heavily watermarked) screenshots and details, but the reality is it's probably all speculation masquerading as fact (not unlike GamePro's Gears of War 2 "coverage"). Hopefully once the issue hits stands we'll have a few more answers.

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