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iphone-haptics makes typing on the iPhone just a little more lively

Chris Ziegler

Haptics are still more of a novelty than a necessity in the phone world (RAZR 2 owners, we know you're feeling us there), and if we could think of one single way to significantly increase the visibility of the technology and its mobile applications, it'd be to get it fired up on the iPhone -- a device where tactile feedback is definitely... shall we say, at a premium. Enter iphone-haptics, an app that's still in its teething stages but gives a sneak peek at the future of rumblin' keyboards on everyone's favorite Apple handset, letting users test out just what it feels like to be buzzed with every key press using a sample text editor. We're far from convinced that this is going to improve speed or accuracy for most folks -- not to mention battery drain concerns -- but hey, maybe the delightfully pleasant sensation alone is worth it. Who are we to judge?

[Thanks, Suzy]

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