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Rumor: KOTOR III Concept Art?


Long the source of many rumors and much speculation, the possibility of KOTOR III being a real project just became a bit clearer. With the rumor mill spinning anew, we bring you latest loose talk, that is, possible KOTOR III concept art. Discovered in a hidden folder on the concept artist's website, the art showcases everything from main characters to droids and ships. Now when we saw that news for the first time, we got excited, thinking this had to be real, that no one can fake good concept art. Well, this stuff is the real deal, but perhaps not in the way we would have wanted. See, it's dated from almost four years ago, in early/mid 2004. Now a quick wiki check reveals that KOTOR II was released in 2005, and that much of that game was left on the cutting room floor to ensure a holiday release. So in all likelihood these concepts are from that game, just never used. Still, it's nice concept art, and we'd love to be proved wrong, as we've said before: Bioware + Mass Effect tech + KOTOR IP = Massive Win.

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