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Rumor: Lost Odyssey to get sequel


With the first of Mistwalker's exclusive 360 franchises already rumored to be getting a sequel, it would be remiss if there wasn't a reciprocating rumor for the second franchise. So, to be proper as possible, here we are reporting on a rumor of just that. Nikkei, a Japanese game site, posted an interview with the H&E Head of Microsoft. In the interview he made a comment to the effect of being satisfied with the games initial Japanese sales, and that the series will grow with time. Wait ... how can there be a series when there has only been one game? Well, there's actually several explanations here. The first and most likely explanation is translation error, it's probable that the translator simply didn't think much and used the word "series" when the original meaning was closer to "IP". The second possibility is that it is of course all too true, and the game is getting a sequel. Readers, what do you think? Is the game worthy of a sequel? If it is being made, should Mistwalker drop it in favor of their rumored MMO?

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