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Rumor: PSN to receive store redesign in April?

Jem Alexander

Almost all of the news coming out of the recent Destination PlayStation retailer conference has been regarding various release dates. Kotaku, however, is reporting that a small extra rumor might have snuck out of the conference concerning the PSN store and a (much needed) redesign. Nothing's official or confirmed as of yet, but the rumor is out there and that's enough to get us to cross our fingers.

We've often lambasted Sony for the state of the PSN Store and its horrific design, so we would love to see a redesign. The rumor goes that this store overhaul will come in April, around the same time Gran Turismo 5: Prologue hits and will resemble the Singstar SingStore. Sounds good to us, the Singstore is much flashier, easier to use and more practical than the current PSN store. Of all the rumors we've heard so far this year, this is the one we'd most like to see come to fruition.

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