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Students throw real Mario party, with matching drinks


Graduate students at the IT University of Copenhagen take over their local bar Scrollbar (great name!) every Friday night, and recently decided to deck the place out with a Mario theme. More than just decorations and music, however, the theme also included a cadre of customized cocktails and shots, all appropriately inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom and its denizens.

Drinks included the Princess Peach (a modified Southern Peach) and the Mario and Luigi Shot (half grenadine, half kiwi Bols). The Yoshi cocktail was popular enough to be added to the bar's standard repertoire, and patrons downing the 1UP Shot were treated to that all-too-familiar sound effect upon completion.

Nintendo fans can check out the site for more details about the event, and recipes for mixing every cocktail and shot (assuming they're of the legal drinking age). Now all they need is some Tetris ice.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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