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Upper Deck seeking Spectral Safari Field Journals

Mike Schramm

The powers that be at Blizzard are really going all out with the Spectral Safari stuff lately -- first Upper Deck announces a series of TCG contests at stores around the country, and then Blizzard announces an official screenshot contest, and now there's a meta contest for the TCG events.

Yup, be a reporter for Upper Deck's TCG site, and you could win a Spectral Tiger card of your own. All they're asking is that you go to one of their events next week, bring a camera and a notepad, and the best stories from the event will win prizes, either a Spectral Tiger card or a box of March of the Legion.

Pretty cheap way to get someone writing for you, but then again our overlords here at WoW Insider pay us in Savory Deviate Delight and Conjured Glacier Water. So count your blessings, I guess.

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