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Admitted murderer's lawyer brings up video games in defense


The lawyer for a 24-year-old man on trial for murdering an elderly widower two years ago is attempting to convince an Alabama jury that his client acted out as if in a video game. Andrew Reid Lackey admits to shooting, stabbing (over 70 times) and gouging out an eye from his 80-year-old victim. According to the Decatur Daily, Lackey's attorney, Randy Gladden, says his client is a computer geek who immersed himself in video games and lives in "a different world than you and I."

The murder seems to have started as a simple case of greed because Lackey originally broke into the man's house to rob him. One little thing standing in the way of the defense that Lackey was living in a "different world" is he put a lot of real-world thought into the robbery. He brought with him (and this is only a small sample of items found in the car) night vision goggles, police scanner, mallet with a white towel taped around it, sledgehammer and hatchet. The trial resumes today.

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