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Europe gets GT5 and Blu-Ray PS3 bundles, same ???399 price

Since we all know Sony Computer Entertainment America and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe can't agree on a single thing (see: GPS, PlayTV, 80GB PS3) it should come as little surprise that they're releasing two 40GB PS3 bundles, neither of which have the words "metal" or "gear" or "solid" anywhere on them. So there's no 80GB MGS4 bundle, but there is a GT5: Prologue bundle reportedly dropping March 29 and a Blu-ray bundle – including Spider-Man, 300, and Casino Royale –dropping March 19th.

Both bundles will retail for €399, the same price the 40GB PS3 is currently – a great deal to be sure, though bean counters may consider three Blu-ray discs a decidedly better deal than GT5: Prologue. Either way, they're both "free." Check out a pic of the Blu-ray bundle after the break.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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