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Europe gets two new bundles (sorry, no MGS4)

Majed Athab

When we heard about the MGS4 bundles a couple days back, we were wondering if Europe would be getting the same treatment. Apparently, Europe won't be seeing the 80GB MGS4 pack, but instead will be getting two new bundles in its place.

The first pack is the "movie bundle" set for a March 19 release. It includes three Blu-ray flicks: Spider-man 3, 300, and Casino Royale. The second includes a copy of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue; this one should hit Euro retailers by March 29. Both bundles are 40GB models (the only ones available in Europe) that come with the regular €399 price tag.

It's pretty sneaky of Sony to introduce a Blu-ray movie pack, especially with HD DVD out of the picture. It certainly is an intelligent tactic. To see the movie bundle pack shot, hit the jump.

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