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Metal Gear Solid 4 confirmed for June 12th worldwide

Jem Alexander

Konami has issued a press release today which confirms the rumored report of Metal Gear Solid 4's June 12th release date. The latest issue of Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation also reports that June 12th will be the Japanese release date for the game. Hideo Kojima made a statement last year at Leipzig during which he said that he firmly intended on making Metal Gear Solid 4 a simultaneous worldwide release and that it is regrettable that Europe has to so often wait longer to receive games. Let's hope his plan comes to fruition and we can all, throughout the world, enjoy the game when June 12th rolls around.

The press release also confirms that Metal Gear Online will come bundled with MGS4 in the form of a "Starter Pack", but it's still unclear how this "Starter Pack" will differ from the full release. Those that pre-order the game will receive a bonus DVD entitled "Metal Gear Saga 2.0" which will contain a prologue recapping the entire series so far and a 20th Anniversary retrospective. Other features on the DVD include character profiles for all the main characters and trailers for the game. It's unclear whether any of this will be included with the European version, but we'll try and find out soon.

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