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NetBlender adding Blu-ray support to DoStudio authoring software


NetBlender has made plans official for new versions of its DoStudio authoring software, adding support for Blu-ray and BD-J features including BD Live. DoStudio Authoring Edition is expected out after NAB 2008, allowing users to create professional Blu-ray discs from a graphical interface. Unfortunately picture-in-picture support won't be part of the hardware and software package until Q3, with BD Live support slated for early 2009. While major studios may be able to create BD-J enhanced discs on their own, the idea is that this package can allow other professionals to make full featured discs without having to learn scripting. Anyone looking for that kind of access can look forward to DoStudio Developer Edition in the fourth quarter, with full access to scripting, for even more advanced features. DoStudio MX users aren't left out either, with Blu-ray support on the way there as well. As for the simple home viewers, we just hope these tools get in the right hands sooner rather than later to create truly innovative high definition discs.

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