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No more attunement for Karazhan?

Matthew Rossi

That's what the fine folks at MMO Champion are telling us, anway - on the PTR, the attunement process for Karazhan has been removed. Or more accurately, altered... in order to get into Kara, one person in the party has to have the Master's Key, making Karazhan more like Upper Blackrock Spire.

The attunement process to date isn't horribly restrictive... run Shadow Labs, Arcatraz, Steam Vaults and then Black Morass with the proper quests and bang, you're keyed. I can see this coming in handy for newly 70 alts or guilds who are trying to run up to Karazhan at the same time, and it's clearly part of the process of opening up content that we saw when SSC and TK were opened up, or that we will see with Hyjal and the Black Temple in patch 2.4 as well.

On the other hand, is this just going to lead to groups running Kara without much grouping experience and then complaining when they have to start coordinating to run it? I'm not personally worried about that, but I try and anticipate these things. Eyonix comments on a thread discussing it that it wasn't about difficulty, but rather accessibility.

With Kara opening up like this, will we see more people pushing through to Sunwell faster? Is the patch signaling that Wrath of the Lich King may be closer than we think?

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