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Samsung's i550 re-upped with WiFi

Chris Ziegler

Whoa, what's that little symbol we spy in the upper right? Aye, indeed, it's the unmistakable marque of speedy wireless! Sure, Samsung's S60-powered i550 already had HSDPA, but as any N95 owner will tell you, there's just no substitute for an 802.11 radio every once in a while. Samsung must feel the same way, because they've now apparently re-released the i550 as the i550w, where the "w" stands for -- you guessed it -- WiFi. A quick search reveals that the revised model is already in the retail chain and can be had for under $400, so just be sure you're getting that precious extra letter tacked onto the end of the model name if you place an order.

[Via Unwired View]

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