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Where is the Wii Freeloader? Oh, it's finally here!


For those of you looking to import games for your Wii, Datel's Freeloader will likely be the solution for you. But, where exactly is it? We haven't hear anything about the device since 2006 (although there were some rumors floating around last year about it releasing).

But now, finally, it looks like the Wii Freeloader has released. In checking out Datel's official website, we came across the product. It's for sale, right now, so we can only assume that most retailers will be getting their shipments in soon, if they already haven't. So now you can get back to enjoying your import GameCube games again, not to mention the Wii titles that will be fun to get ahold of.

What's your first import going to be?

[Via DCemu; thanks, Craig!]

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