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Borders Books testing game sales in London

Kyle Orland

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Those worried that these new-fangled video games are taking vital attention away from the written word likely won't be too happy with the news that Borders Books is reportedly testing game sales in its Oxford Street London store. A handful of PC titles sit alongside the store's selection of CDs and DVDs as part of a pilot program that Borders UK and Ireland Commercial Director David Kohn thinks could expand to be a core part of the store's business.

"When it comes to Borders, we believe that computer games could deliver a level of sales equal or greater than our current DVD business," he said. "This could amount to as much as ten per cent of total Borders sales."

Kohn seemed particularly interested in adding Wii and DS titles to the stores' selection in order to "complement our market-leading children's line-up." Great idea ... just be careful which Wii games you put in the children's section. Flesh-eating zombies don't necessarily complement Hop on Pop.

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