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Capcom blog says RE Zero port still has hope for North American release


Imagine our surprise when Capcom's blog updated to our RSS about the Wii port of Resident Evil Zero. We thought yesterday would be the end of talk pertaining to the game releasing here in the west. But, for you European readers, know this doesn't apply to you. Capcom Europe passed on the project, so apparently there's no hope there.

But, back to us in North America. The latest entry in the Capcom blog says they "are watching the progress on the game, and if it ends up blowing up huge like RE4 Wii did, we'll evaluate the possibility of bringing it over here and flipping the lingo sos that y'all can read it." For those of you that don't speak hip blog, that last bit at the end means that they'll localize the game over here with English text and speech.

You all pretty much know how we feel (Resident Evil = we buy) about the whole thing, but what do you think? We know a lot of you aren't looking for another Resident Evil port unless it, you know, validates itself.

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