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Clarion intros NAX973HD HDD-based navigation unit

Darren Murph

Though it's hard to see where Clarion's NAX973HD fits in between in-dash units installed at the factory and portable navigators, we suppose folks already drawn to a dedicated display or totally infatuated with this thing's software may be in love. Marketed as a nav system that will churn out directions in Europe much quicker than those disc-based systems, this unit features a 30GB internal hard drive, 12-channel GPS receiver, built-in gyro sensor / RDS-TMC tuner for traffic information, pre-loaded NAVTEQ maps of 30 countries, voice recognition / text-to-speech capabilities, 2D / 3D map views and a VGA output to boot. Unfortunately, word on the street pegs this thing at £795 ($1,579) without a display, so we'd probably steer clear unless you're crazy about automotive installations.

[Via Tech Digest]

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