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Do you trust Mario's grip?


More to the point, do you get the appeal of DS stands? This blogger doesn't. Why pay for something that your hands can do equally well? Alas, it looks like I'm in a minority, because companies keep churning the damn things out. Somebody out there is buying them, and no doubt somebody out there will lay down $30 for this 12-inch PVC Super Mario stand. Madness.*

Even if yours truly was a fan of stands, it would be a struggle to recommend this, mainly because rival stands offer so much more on the features front, such as the ability to charge your DS (like the Hori Charge Stand), or the ability to play your DS while on its stand (see: Hori's Taiko no Tatsujin model). That minimalist bendy DS stand from last year still comes across as the most sensible purchase.

* I fully reserve the right to entirely backtrack on this paragraph and squeal like a schoolgirl if anybody ever makes an Animal Crossing: Wild World stand.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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