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More pretty details about Eternity's Child

Candace Savino

Luc Bernard, creator of Eternity's Child, recently revealed another character for his upcoming Wii Ware game. The character (pictured above on the right), who we know almost nothing about except for the fact that she's a girl, will help Angel (the protagonist) along his quest.

Bernard also explained how the controls will work. It seems that Angel is controlled by the Nunchuck's analog stick, while the red flying heart is controlled by the Wiimote. With the push of a button, you summon Angel's female friend, who will start throwing things (we're not sure what) where the heart shaped cursor is pointing.

It sounds simple enough, but also fun, especially considering that the game only costs $5. Still, above all. it's the art that has us enamored with this title, and we'll admit that we're looking forward to this game's release.


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