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NCsoft Europe's Ultimate Heroic Weekend!


UK residents, NCsoft loves you! And to prove it, they're holding a 4-day social gaming event appropriately entitled the 'Ultimate Heroic Weekend'! Starting at 8 PM on Friday, March 21st, and continuing until 8 PM on Monday, March 24th in the capacious Omega Sektor in Birmingham, the UHW will challenge and satisfy gamers of all types with a veritable cornucopia of superhero-related joy.

Similar to their recent convention, yet much more -- dare we say -- massive, the fun all starts on Friday with a meet and greet with Melissa 'War Witch' Bianco, who will remain for the entire weekend and provide details on the upcoming City of Heroes expansion, Issue 12! There will also be prizes for Best Heroic Costume and PC and console gaming until midnight.

And the event truly kicks off with a bang on Saturday ...

In addition to the gaming frenzy, Ms. Liberty and Ghost Widow will be available to sign autographs, pose for photos, and generally glare at each other for the delight of all. The artists from Draw the World Together will be in attendance, creating custom sketches of your CoH/CoV characters and raising awareness and accepting donations for the worthy EveryChild charity. Saturday afternoon will see Melissa Bianco holding a special Q&A session where she'll answer questions you might have regarding the CoH/CoV franchise.

On top of everything else, this event will host special TaskForce events, the winning teams of which will receive rewards like medals, unique in-game titles and clothing, and more!

Sunday will be designated a social day, offering up more of what the past days have offered: tournament gaming, sketches of your favorite characters, and special 'Gaming Bootcamp' sessions with NCsoft employees, where you'll get the chance to play other NCsoft games, like Dungeon Runners, Tabula Rasa, and Lineage II, and learn all about effective strategies to playing these games.

And finally, Mellow Monday will arrive, giving gamers a chance to either rest up after 3 days of play, or simply continuing with the madness until 8 PM. Entry fee to this event is £5 per day, and you can check out the event page for more detailed information.

A fantastic time is guaranteed to be had by all, so mark your calendars, heroes! And if any Massively readers get a chance to meet Ghost Widow, please let her know that when the astral winds blow cold, there's a warm place in my heart for her!

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