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    Sony's HDR-HC9 camcorder gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Considering that Sony's HDR-HC7 was mentioned earlier this year as one of the best consumer HD camcorders for the money, we figured it prudent to pass along an in-depth review of its successor, the HDR-HC9. Originally announced with a plethora of siblings at CES, this HDV camcorder is nearly identical to the unit it replaces, but that's hardly a knock. Reviewers praised the incredibly functional "Easy mode" for those looking to just dip their toes in, and the all black motif was also enjoyed. Still, critics found Canon's HV30 to be superior in terms of overall video quality, and they also griped that the $1,099 price tag was a touch too expensive for what you get. Still, those eying this here model should definitely take a chunk of their day and browse the full review linked below -- there's a whole lot more where this came from.

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