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PTR Notes: Class changes from 2/29

Eliah Hecht

Yet another new build went up on the patch 2.4 PTRs last night, and it had a few class changes (as well as item changes; more on those later):

  • [Shaman] Flametongue debuff changed to -25% healing, but stacks twice; duration is still 5 s
  • [Priest] Mass Dispel will now affect up to 10 friendly and 10 enemy targets (source). Is it wrong that I've never used this in PvE?
  • Bloodlust/Heroism will now stack with Icy Veins (source), but will still not stack with the new Power Infusion (source).
As far as I can figure out, the upshot of the Flametongue change (which presumably applies to both the Weapon and the Totem versions of Flametongue) is that if you just hit someone once, they won't get the full -50% effect; you've got to beat on someone continually to keep that up. Will the Mass Dispel change make it more useful in raids? I have no idea. Probably not, what with the 15 yard radius.

[via MMO-Champion]

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