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FFCC: My Life as a King to be WiiWare launch title, price revealed

A Square-Enix insider recently revealed that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (formerly The Little King and the Promised Land) would share a May 12th U.S. release date with the WiiWare service, joining Defend Your Castle and Major League Eating: The Game for the somewhat less than auspicious WiiWare launch lineup. The game will set you back 1,500 Wii points, or $15, if you prefer an actual monetary system.

We never thought we'd be hotly anticipating a Final Fantasy/Sim City mash-up, but when our other choices are limited to a once-free flash game that's been available online for nearly five years, or a game that crudely depicts the action-packed world of aggressive binge eating, the least of the three evils is abundantly clear.

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