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Insert cute pet story here


About 3 months ago I got my first pet. His name is Max, and is a grey domestic short hair cat. He was a stray that was scratching at my apartment door on a very cold November evening. At the time it was decided that he was just going to stick around for the night, but he grew on us so quickly that we weren't able to let him go. He now is a happy member of my family, and just like the rest of them, he has to put up with me playing World of Warcraft.

Except, it's not really "putting up with" WoW, it's more like "intensely interested in what's going on." Max will often times spend the whole four hours of the night's raid spread across the desk staring at my computer screen. He'll react to the sounds, the bright flashes of light, and occasionally even other in game cats. When someone says "lol" and their character laughs, he'll jump and stare down the speaker the laugh came from.

Max has even been responsible for a few wipes. He has a tendency to want to jump on my keyboard when I'm standing very still, waiting to run in and engage the boss. At the top of the stairs ready to tank Vashj? Max is there too, and unless I've got my hand covering the arrow keys, he'll be the one to do the pull.

Back when I was a kid and lived with my parents, I always had large dogs that loved to lay at my feet while I played computer games. Of course, this might have been due to the endless supply of treats I provided them with... but I'll just pretend it's because they liked me. Back then I was into EverQuest, and the dogs did not like the music. Barking and howling would always be the name of the game if I had it on.

So readers, I ask you, what are some of your cute pet stories? Any epic wipes (or successes) due to your pet?

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