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TiVo officially shutting down TiVo Rewards referral program

Darren Murph

Though we had heard whispers for the past few days, it looks like TiVo is coming clean with its plans to nix the long-standing TiVo Rewards program. For those unaware, said program was used to encourage TiVo owners to coax friends and family (or strangers, for that matter) to pick up a TiVo for themselves, and if they did so, the referrer would earn credits that could be redeemed for all sorts of wares. Additionally, users could accumulate points by charging up their TiVo Platinum MasterCard, but it looks like all that fun will come to an end on May 28th at 11:59PM EST. For more details on the phase out process, be sure and visit the read link.

[Thanks, Aaron]

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