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Cubs Forever documentary coming to WGN HD

Darren Murph

Alright, Cubbies fans -- this is your year. What better way to end the streak than on the 100th anniversary of your last World Series win, right? In preparation for the upcoming season, WGN-Channel 9 is gearing up to air a two-hour documentary called Cubs Forever, which is in celebration of the 60th anniversary of WGN airing its first Cubs baseball game. For the historians in the crowd, that April 16th, 1948 matchup between your beloved Cubbies and the cross-town White Sox was actually an exhibition, but on April 20th of this year, fans will be able to witness "interviews with more than 60 Cubs players, fans and team staffers" that have been a part of the WGN / Cubs partnership. No word on an exact airing time just yet, but you can rest assured that it'll be beamed out in glorious high-definition.

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