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Mediacom venturing into switched digital video, looks to add more HD content

Darren Murph

Good news for you Mediacom subscribers out there wondering when in the world a new batch of HD channels would come your way -- turns out, the company is reportedly gearing up to "introduce switched digital video in three markets in 2008," which will obviously open up valuable spectrum for high-def services. Unfortunately, the operator didn't note which markets would see SDV first, but it did say that it planned to "deploy digital simulcast to 50 percent of its systems by year-end." For those that just love to be reassured, the company's EVP of operations John Pascarelli was quoted as saying that the "side benefit of [the upgrades] is it will help us expedite the delivery of more HD channels to those systems [and offer] a more competitive product." More specifically, the firm "outlined a plan to offer 25 high-definition channels for free to entry-level digital customers," with that figure rising to around 40 with premiums / HD VOD added in.

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