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New content for Pirates of the Caribbean


As previously mentioned, Pirates of the Caribbean Online is the surprisingly fun corporate-giant-backed MMO that could. Refreshingly, the dev team on PotCO isn't resting on their brand name to keep them afloat (no pun intended -- well, okay, you got me), but instead continue to bring new content to their constituents. Currently, this takes the form of new emotes, hairstyles, tattoos, jewelry, and clothing, as well as the new 'Looking For Crew' feature, which lets other players know when you want a PUG.

Additionally, Unlimited Access Members can get their hands on a new skull bandana, available until midnight tonight from any tailor. Disney Online has additional content planned for 2008 including a new Black Pearl Boss Battle as well as the expansion of ship customization, extension of quest story lines, and the addition of more enemies and challenges.

More than ever, this is a great time for new users to jump in and ply the seas in search of tentacular adventure! If you want more information, our hands-on tour is available for your perusal.

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