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CABAL Online launches in North America

Michael Zenke

CABAL Online has officially launched here in North America, offering a new free-to-play Asian import for fans of that MMO play style. The game, which is already running in countries throughout Asia and Europe, stands at more than a million users according to the title's official press release. CABAL has been brought to the states and Canada by a partnership between OGPlanet and the game's developer ESTsoft.

Though originally a subscription title, the game is free-to-play here with item purchasing as an additional option. These purchasable add-ons will speed movement through the gameworld, but are not currently planned to offer any sort of gameplay benefit. The game's open beta was greeted by a number of enthusiastic US players and (as with all free titles) is never more than a few clicks away from a quick trial. Commentators have had a few reservations about the game, but at the very least you have to respect OG and ESTsoft from trying to put a new spin on a business plan that hasn't always turned out so well in the past.

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