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Other bands are in Aerosmith's Guitar Hero game, maybe Run DMC

Justin McElroy

Logic would dictate that if you're buying a game called Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, the disc would be chock full of fail Aerosmith songs. But an ad from a Best Buy circular sent to us by an eagle-eyed reader and a recent USA Today story hint that Steven Tyler and Co. may not be the only ones populating the disc.

As you can sort of see, the ad promises Aerosmith and "all their favorite bands." And this article from USA Today says that the game will feature "opening acts." Interestingly, though that online version makes no mention of it, a version of the story on Aerosmith's official fan club site hints that Run DMC might be one of those guests. Any of you Aerosmith fans have guesses as to who else might be on the roster?

[Thanks, Ian]

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