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Sid Meier practices diplomacy regarding EA/Take-Two deal


Newsweek's N'Gai Croal had a chance to eat filet mignon last week with Sid Meier and ask him a couple questions about the potential industry-altering EA buyout of Take-Two. Meier's company, Firaxis Games, currently has its titles published by Take-Two's 2K games, but he did work with EA almost ten years ago. Meier thinks as long as EA gives his company the creative freedom Take-Two did that everything should be fine.

Sid Meier fanboys will also recognize that if Meier goes back under the EA umbrella, Firaxis will have access to the Alpha Centauri IP which EA owns. Granted, Alpha Centauri was Brian Reynold's baby, with Meier's name on the cover, but a return to Planet and its diaspora would certainly be welcomed by sci-fi strategy fans. Although, Sins of a Solar Empire is doing a fine job currently.

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