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THQ's Fitch plays the Iron Lore blame game

Justin McElroy

The death of Iron Lore studios (the devs of Titan Quest and Warhammer 40K Dawn of War expansion Soulstorm) was, officially, the result of "several unrelated events." But THQ creative director Michael Fitch was able to narrow it down a little bit in a forum post he made soon after the announcement. Public enemy number one? Unsurprisingly, it's piracy, which he said affected not only game sales, but the game's perception by a public that's playing a buggy, unfinished version.

Fitch also puts the blame on hardware vendors more concerned with bottom line than creating a quality product, and we're 100 percent with him. But he loses us a little when he starts blaming "stupid people" who aren't savvy enough to make their PC gaming-ready. We see his point, but it seems to indicate more of a problem with PC gaming as a whole than the people who pay $50 for a non-returnable product and expect it to work.

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