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Welcome to the Next Generation of Wii homebrew


Obviously we don't advocate the use of emulators to play copyrighted games (unless you're Howard Sega and you own the copyrights), but this news is too cool to pass up. Coder ekeeke has released a new version of the Genesis Plus GX emulator that can be run on the Wii using the Twilight Hack exploit.

In addition to its awesome "running on the Wii" feature, this version runs Virtua Racing, which is quite the achievement because of the extra hardware on the Virtua Racing cartridge.

We're mostly pleased with this development as evidence of the rapid progression of Wii homebrew, although we do appreciate the ability to play McDonalds' Treasure Land Adventure on the Wii. We don't see that particular Treasure (yes, Treasure) masterpiece being released on the Virtual Console any time soon.

[Thanks, craig!]

[Update: I totally meant "Welcome to the Next Level." How embarrassing.]

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