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FlickrExport 3 Public Beta

Scott McNulty

FlickrExport is my favorite iPhoto plugin (and it would be my favorite Aperture plugin too, if I used Aperture), though I will admit that it is the only iPhoto plugin I use. Developer Fraser Speirs has been dropping hints for awhile about the next version of FlickrExport, and now it is available... in beta form that is.

New to FlickrExport 3 are:

  • A big focus on groups. You can add pictures to multiple groups, create 'group actions,' and it even displays the group rules (i.e. it will tell you if there is a limit to the number of pictures you can upload per day, if the group is moderated, and so on.)
  • Auto-completion of tags (which are downloaded from Flickr)
  • A much better way to upload photosets, allowing you to organize the pictures in the sets before they are uploaded
  • Geotaging, with the ability to create presets, as well as fetch latitude and longitude from Google Earth
Check out the screencast at the FlickrExport 3 beta website to get the skinny on all the new features.

The FlickrExport 3 beta is available for both Aperture 2 and iPhoto. Keep in mind that when FlickrExport 3 leaves beta it won't be freeware, though pricing isn't set as of yet.

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