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HD VOD atop list of changes coming to TWC New York / New Jersey

Darren Murph

Just days after we learned of a few channel transformations coming up in the TWC New York / New Jersey markets, along comes word that quite a few other alterations are in the pipeline. For starters, HD VOD is slated to launch on May 15th in Staten Island (which currently has an "all digital" system), and other markets (Brooklyn / Queens, Manhattan, Hudson Valley and New Jersey) should receive the service before the end of Q3 2008. Additionally, Start Over and Quick Clips will reportedly be coming to all of the aforementioned systems on July 1st, but a soft launch is apt to sneak in a month prior. Still not enough? No worries -- Time Warner will also be busting out a new service dubbed Virtual Video Store, which will supposedly offer up a library of older movies for rent at just $1.99 apiece. Now, let's see if TWC delivers, shall we? [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

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