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IOGEAR's Mobile Digital Scribe lets you ignore digital pens on the go

Nilay Patel

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We're not sure how many of you were so hopelessly addicted to the IOGEAR Digital Scribe that you clamored for a mobile version, but the company has somehow heard your cries and duly provided. Just like big brother, the Mobile Digital Scribe comes in two parts: the pen itself, which uses ordinary ink in addition to transmitting your doodled masterworks, and the USB receiver, which has been shrunken in size and given a detachable mini-USB cord. The receiver also now has enough memory to hold up to 50 pages of scribblings, which you can download back to your PC for OCR later. Interestingly, you'll pay a $30 premium over the original Digital Scribe for all these hot new features -- we suppose no one at IOGEAR has used one of these to sketch out a demand curve, eh?

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